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Access facilities – The National Archives is open to researchers and scholars who wish to consult or study archival documents in its custody. For scheduled rates it provides microfilm copies of microfilmed material, while also offering photocopies of documents which have not been microfilmed.

Rates for services – 

Types of research and reference material

Nepalese Citizens          

Foreign  Citizens      

Scripting of copies of archival documents in Devanagari per page

NRS. 150.00  

NRS. 200.00

Positive microfilm copy (= a + b)

a. per foot  

b. per folio                                           


NRS. 30  

NRS. 15    

 NRS. 55 


Microfilm reader-print per print

NRS. 35 

 NRS. 60

Digitized copy per exposure 

NRS. 75

 NRS. 125