Government of Nepal

Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation

National Archives

Ramshah Path, Kathmandu , Nepal


  • Receiving documents of record from the Government of Nepal, and accepting other documents of national interest from private sources,
  • Preserving the records of the Government of Nepal in its custody and regulating access to them as per the provisions of the Archives Preservation Act, 1989,
  • Preparing inventories and other reference tools for other archival documents,
  • Microfilming and digitizing the archival documents. Nearly all collections of the National Archives were microfilmed by the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project (NGMPP) during the period from 1970 to 2001. In addition, a considerable number of documents belonging to different institutions or private owners were microfilmed by the NGMPP all over Nepal.

Digitization of its archival documents and valuable manuscripts of its holdings are being digitized by the National Archives.

At present, the microfilm collection accumulated by the NGMPP and kept in the National Archives comprises 5,300,000 folios from 181,500 individual manuscripts, preserved on negative and positive microfilm reels.

  • Preparing catalogues of the manuscripts. In 2002 a comprehensive descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts contained in the A, B, and C series of microfilms produced by the NGMPP, being prepared by the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project (NGMCP).

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